What to see at Chicago International Film Festival 2015: A Roundup of Roundups

Trying to figure out what you should see at the Chicago International Film Fest? The 2015 festival runs from October 15–29, and there are over 130 films to choose from. That's awesome, but also a little overwhelming.

Critics and reporters and bloggers will, helpfully, put out some roundups of what's on their radar. This is a good way to start making your schedule. But who will round up the roundups?

Here's my attempt. I've made a table that organizes everything by film title, and gives some hint of how the film was mentioned. This table doesn't include every film that's showing, just the ones that have been mentioned in the roundups.  

I'll keep this list and table updated as more "what to see" lists emerge. Let me know if you find one I should include! 

(If you still need help, check out my guide to film festival survival.)

[The table has moved to this page.]




Michael Lawrencefilm, Chicago