For Hire

I've been working with students and creative professionals for years, helping them with their writing needs. I've helped a photographer launch his blog, edited copy for a life coach, and written about trendy hairstyles for a salon. I've workshopped the words of lawyers, scholars, and pastors. I've helped countless students with essays, poems, artist statements, and speeches. 

But I've been doing that all rather quietly, and often in the context of my work as a college faculty member, or informally for friends. Now I'm finally getting a bit more "official" about freelancing, providing services in editing and copywriting, writing coaching and tutoring — whatever needs to be done. 

I'm really grateful for friends and colleagues who have sent new business my way. And I love that I'm connecting with creative folks working on cool projects. It makes the hustle a lot less tedious! 

If you're looking for a link to share, here's a new splash page I put together, or you can always send folks to my contact page. I'm looking forward to helping with your next project!