Reading List: The Selfie

It is difficult for most people over a certain age to utter the word "selfie" without producing at the same time a rather dismissive kids these days smirk. 

And maybe they've got a point. I mean, really. Kids these day!

But the trouble with that smirk is that it becomes an excuse to avoid reflection and critique. Selfies exist. And if all we do is roll our eyes, we miss a chance to think about what they mean and why they matter.

Are selfies really proof of a generation's narcissism? Are they bad for America? Good for art?

What if I said that what we're looking at is nothing less than a radical feminist intervention in the trajectory of portraiture in Western visual culture? Too much? Perhaps it's just a fluke, an accident of technological innovation? The result of the cameraphone's ubiquity, you say, and something about the length of the human arm?

Now we're talking.

I don't have any final answers, but I dig the questions. To keep us going, I offer this evolving reading list.



Scholarly Takes

Objects for Consideration


Thoughts? Links I should add? Let me know.