Published and Performed Work

Contributing writer (credited as “Poet-in-Residence”), The Living News: Shelter/Chicago. Written and directed by Lisa DiFranza, performed at the Chicago Cultural Center. Spring 2014.  

Poem: "Communion.” Published in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture. Volume 13, Issue 3. University of California Press. August 2013. [Full text here.]

Poem: “Ina & Friends.” Published in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and CultureVolume 13, Issue 2. University of California Press. June 2013. [Full text here.]

Co-Authored Book Chapter. “Early Ever After: Alumni Reflect on Life After Simon's Rock,” in Educating Outside the Lines: Bard College at Simon’s Rock on a ‘New Pedagogy’ for the Twenty-First Century. Ed. Nancy Yanoshak. Peter Lang. 2011. 

Editorial: “IC Observations: Fear This,” Little Village: Iowa City’s News & Culture Magazine. Vol. 8, Issue 66. July/August 2007. 11-12.  


"Why Craftsman?" LinkedIn Pulse article for Craftsman Media.

"Crafting Content and Gift Giving." LinkedIn Pulse article for Craftsman Media.

"Crafting Surprise: A Blueprint for Delight." LinkedIn Pulse article for Craftsman Media

Tumblr Projects

Tumblr is great platform for playing around with little writing experiments. Here are a few of mine. 

Ekphrastic poems are typically written in response to great works of art. These are written about man bags. Nearly 100 of them. Enjoy

One summer, I ran off to Iowa for three weeks to take a poetry class. I wanted to keep my friends back home up to date, so I kept a blog. But the blog became a work of fiction.

In reality, I was subletting an apartment in a little college town, spending a few hours each week in a classroom and a lot of time in bars and coffee shops. But according to the blog, it was all cabins, friendship bracelets, and scavenger hunts.

I think there remains a certain truth to it. 

I gave up my weekly Wendy's habit a few years ago, and committed to 40 days of vegan eating. During that time — which happened to be the year everyone was required to have a food blog — I wrote regularly at Lenten Vegan about what I was cooking, where I was eating, and what I was learning along the way.